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1st drafts can happen

I’m breaking the blog silence so I can memorialize this moment: Yesterday I completed the 1st draft of my novel!  Throw the confetti and uncork the champagne!

Now I’ve got a major exam to take this Saturday so I’m going to be devoting the rest of the week to study because, you know, jobs with  a paycheck and all, but once that’s passed I’ll be hopping back to it for my 1st round of editing/revising.  This is by far the most I’ve written of a single story.  I think the longest previous work I’ve done was around 50,000 so yeah, this feels pretty darned amazing, and I’m sure after it goes through several revisions it’ll be a more respectable length (shooting for 75k-85k).

Lots of frustration wrapped up in this work and I’m sure more to come.  At the moment let me bask in the thought, ‘Yes, no matter the challenges, I can totally do this.’